Thanks for your interest in 48in48! Before you fill out the Interest Form below please take a moment to learn about eligibility and expectations mentioned below.

The Nonprofit Program is from July 7th - September 17, 2017.

Sites will be built and launched during a 48-hour event between September 15th - 17th.

Nonprofit Program - Interest Form

  • 48in48 offers a unique opportunity for 48 local nonprofits to participate in a program that will provide a basic education in digital marketing and result in a brand new website built by local digital professionals.
  • Participation Requirements

    • Established 501c3, not-for-profit, non-government organization
    • Organization must serve local community
    • Organization has an annual operating budget $3,000,000 or less.
    • Organization has at least one permanent staff who knows how to navigate the internet.
    • Organization can demonstrate how the project will make a significant and sustainable impact in increasing access to services across communities served.
    • Currently registered within the state where the event is being held.
    • Organization's overall mission is non-proselytizing, not overtly religious or political.
    • Website needed is 15 pages (48in48 will format and support 15 pages)
  • What to expect as a selected 48in48 nonprofit

    United Way will be managing the selection process for 48in48. If invited to participate, nonprofits should expect the following:
    • Complete all three courses (outline below) over an 8 week period.
    • A nonprofit liaison will need to be available during the weekend of the 48in48 event to answer questions.
    • The new website for the nonprofit will go live at the end of the 48in48 event.
    • The website being created for the nonprofit is a gift and is not work for hire. Thus, the nonprofit will have input on the project concerning the look and feel, but will not have the degree of input as if it were a commercial website project.
    • After the event is complete, the nonprofits will have 30 days of free hosting and support. After 30 days, the nonprofit has two options for where to host their sites:
      • The nonprofit can take their website files and database and move to any hosting company supporting WordPress, thus the nonprofit will be managing the site themselves.
      • The nonprofit can leave their website on the 48in48 platform and pay a monthly fee for hosting and maintenance. There are two hosting plans: a monthly fee is $60/month for Basic Plan and $90/month for Advanced. (details on hosting options will be shared upon selection.)
  • Program Structure

    The 8-week program pairs a volunteer project manager with 2-3 nonprofits and assists the nonprofits through three online courses:

    Step 1: Current website credentials and basic onboarding: (1-4 hours depending on validity of current registrar/nameserver credentials)
    1. Review & agree to the Nonprofit Expectations of the 48in48 Program
    2. Sign Agreement of Terms
    3. Cloudflare Set-Up (moving current website registrar)
    4. Provide Name Server credentials
    5. 48in48 Account Signup
    Step 2: Organization’s Branding and Website content (2-4 hours)
    1. Branding Questionnaire
      1. Organization’s Mission / Vision
    2. Content Questionnaire - Nonprofit’s Website Functionality Needs
      1. Google Analytics
      2. Sign up for Payment Processing
      3. Create Sitemap and upload to the Staging Site
      4. Input Content into their new WordPress Site
      5. Go to video trainings and uploading Site text/images.
      6. 48in48 Content input Training
      7. Sitemap Training
      8. Register for Snack & Learns & Meet & Greet
    Step 3: Website Management (WordPress) (1-10 hours depending on amount of pre-existing content)
    1. Sitemap Creation
    2. Creating Pages & Inputting Content
    3. Creating a menu for your website
    The details shared in these courses will prepare a team of local digital professionals to design and develop a brand new WordPress website which is customized to the organization’s mission. The name “48in48” comes from the event where all the digital professionals come together to design and develop 48 local nonprofit websites in a 48-hour timeframe. By the end of the weekend, these volunteers will have provided $1.5 million of services to their own local community, you!
  • Organization Information

    Interested? Please fill out the form below to get started.
  • Eligibility Requirements

  • Nonprofits must fall under each of the following eligibility requirements below in order to be considered for 48in48. Please check all that apply to you in order to verify each.
  • Accepted file types: png, jpg, pdf.