48in48 Volunteer: Planning Committee Interest

Nonprofits spend all of their time doing good, not looking good. Imagine how much good they could do if they looked good as well?

How powerful would it be to let highly skilled professionals (like designers and developers) use their skillset to help nonprofits grow?

These are the ideas that led to the creation of 48in48. We provide impact by working with nonprofits through a marketing strategy and then linking nonprofits with skilled marketing and technology professionals. This culminates in a 48-hour hackathon style event. 48 websites in 48 hours!

We need community leaders from Minneapolis-St. Paul to take part! We need your valuable experience in:

  • Nonprofit Relations
  • Tech
  • Event Experience
  • Social Media
  • Community / Corporate Relations

Fill out the below form to register as a planning committee volunteer for 48in48MSP!

Way to use your skills for good!

  • Volunteer Positions

  • The below committee positions indicate a combination of subcommittees where multiple people would work together to execute. Based on your particular skills, interests, and resources in the community, select which type of position you might be interested in joining.

Questions about volunteering for 48in48? We'd love to hear from you! Contact us.